Your Pico de loro Experience.

What to expect for your vacation.

Our Booking Process

Start your vacation by booking here. After filling out our booking form, we will send an email with the confirmation of your reservation and all other details how to pay. We currently accept bank deposit at BPI or BDO. We accept credit card payments by booking through Airbnb (Myna B 509 1br and Jacana A 516 2br). After payment please email us the deposit slip for reference as well as all guest names with corresponding ages which will be required for the condo authorization and guest endorsement documents.

We will then send through email the condo authorization and guest endorsement documents, please bring a copy when you arrive at Pico de loro. A digital copy will do. Will will also send the number of our caretaker who will meet you in Pico de loro to assist and give you the keys.

Your Journey

Pico de loro, Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas

The Travel

There are two ways to drive to Pico de loro, Hamilo Coast.
You can take the new road in Ternate, Cavite or go through the Tagaytay-Nasugbu way.

Ternate Route

This is the shorter route than the Tagaytay route but there might be traffic congestions going through the towns in Cavite. From Manila, there are a lot of routes to use and it’s better to use waze especially if you’re travelling during rush hours since you will be going through towns in Cavite. When near Hamilo, there are also a lot of scenic sights you can stop by to take pictures. You also go through a tunnel passing through a mountain. If you do go during the night, its not advisable to take this route since there are less road lamps and it does get really dark.

Tagaytay/Nasugbu Route

This is the longer route but there are a lot more restaurants and stop overs you can do. You can stop over and eat at Tagaytay for breakfast/lunch before going to Pico de loro. This route is also more advisable to use if you travel during the night since there are a lot more road lamps on this route. Also please be reminded that it can be really congested in Tagaytay and/or Santa Rosa during holidays.


to Pico de loro

Welcome to Pico de loro

At the entrance of Pico de loro, please present the GEF (Guest Endorsement Form) and identification, then pay the applicable Guest Fees of the Pico de loro Club. Once you get the keys from our caretaker, you can then proceed to our condo unit you have booked. Parking is free and available near the Condo Unit’s Building. Please present the CGATU (Condo authorization) and identification at the reception. You can ask and borrow for a push cart from the guard to help you bring your things to the unit. After checkin, you can go to either the Country club or the Beach club. A free always roaming shuttle can bring you to places inside Pico de loro.

Proceed to the Country club for a relaxing swim at the large pool at the country club, or if you want to do a host of indoor/outdoor activities/sports. To enjoy the beach and other water sports/activities, proceed to the Beach Club!

Relax, unwind and enjoy! Welcome to Pico de loro!

Live, Unwind & Relax.

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