Pico de loro Club Activities

Sports & Recreation Rates

A host of activities for you and your family/barkada!

You can enjoy with a myriad of indoor and outdoor sports, relax at the music room, play some video games, or experience the beautiful nature by trying Scuba, hiking, Island tours, and many more!

Outdoor Activities

ActivitiesPrice for Guests
Weekend (Fri-Sun/Holidays)Weekday (Mon-Thur)
ActivitiesPrice for GuestsPrice for Guests
Cabana Rentals
Half DayPhp 700Php 700
Whole DayPhp 1400Php 1400
Two-seaterPhp 400/hrPhp 400/hr
Banana BoatPhp 450/head/15minsPhp 450/head/15mins
Jet SkiPhp 2000/15minsPhp 2000/15mins
Php 3500/30minsPhp 3500/30mins
Php 6000/hrPhp 6000/hr
Snorkeling Equipment Rental
MasksPhp 250/hrPhp 250/hr
FinsPhp 250/hrPhp 250/hr
SnorkelPhp 250/hrPhp 250/hr
Life Jacket (Child)Php 100/hrPhp 100/hr
Life Jacket (Adult)Php 150/hrPhp 150/hr
Paddle BoardPhp 700/hrPhp 700/hr
Skim BoardPhp 900/hrPhp 400/hr
Water Taxi
Max of 8 paxPhp 900/boat/10minsPhp 900/boat/10mins
Max of 6 paxPhp 1700/15minsPhp 1700/15mins
(w/ instructor) 3 hrsPhp 4500Php 4500
(w/o instructor) 3 hrsPhp 3500Php 3500
Towable Equipment
Max of 3 paxPhp 1650/15minsPhp 1650/15mins
Towable (Fun 4)
Max of 4 paxPhp 1700/15minsPhp 1700/15mins
Towable (Aqua Glide 5)
Max of 5 paxPhp 1900/15minsPhp 1900/15mins
Towable (Titan 6)
Max of 6 paxPhp 2000/15minsPhp 2000/15mins
Yacht Rental
Max of 15 paxPhp 16000/hrPhp 16000/hr
Mangrove Tour
Max of 3 paxPhp 2800Php 2800
Cove Tour
Max of 12 paxPhp 6200Php 6100
Santelmo Private Beach
Tour/Swim (min of 2)Php 7000Php 7000
Max of 4 pax
Excess person feePhp 1400/headPhp 1400/head
Santelmo Trail
Max of 5 paxPhp 4300Php 4300
Excess person feePhp 785/headPhp 785/head
Boat rental (Optional)Php 2000Php 2000
Pico Trail
Max of 5 paxPhp 2400Php 2400
Excess person feePhp 400/headPhp 400/head
Pony RidePhp 250/30minsPhp 250/30mins
Php 350/hrPhp 350/hr

Indoor Activities

ActivitiesPrice for Guests
Weekend (Fri-Sun/ Holidays)Weekday (Mon-Thur)
Club Pico
HalfdayPhp 290Php 270
Whole DayPhp 510Php 490
BilliardsPhp 205/table/hrPhp 195/table/hr
DartPhp 140/hrPhp 130/hr
Per PersonPhp 190/gamePhp 180/game
Show RentalPhp 60/pairPhp 60/pair
SocksPhp 110/pairPhp 110/pair
Music Room
Per room (max 4 persons)Php 560/hrPhp 510/hr
Per room (max of 6 persons)Php 790/hrPhp 760/hr
Half courtPhp 660/hrPhp 620/hr
Full courtPho 860/hrPho 820/hr
CourtPhp 250/hrPhp 220/hr
ShuttlecokPhp 100/pcPhp 100/pc
Racket RentalPhp 120/hrPhp 120/hr
Trainer’s Fee/Hitting PartnerPhp 230/hrPhp 220/hr
Video Games
Per personPhp 210/hrPhp 210/hr
CourtPhp 210/hrPhp 200/hr
Squash ballPhp 210/pcPhp 210/pc
Racket RentalPhp 140/hrPhp 140/hr
Table Tennis
TablePhp 180/hrPhp 170/hr
BallPhp 90/pcPhp 90/pc
Racket rentalPhp 75/hrPhp 75/hr
Double CourtPhp 180/hrPhp 170/hr
Trainer’s FeePhp 480/hrPhp 460/hr
Racket RentalPhp 140/hrPhp 140/hr
Lights FeePhp 150/hrPhp 140/hr
Tennis BallPhp 600/hrPhp 600/hr
Ball BoyPhp 130/hrPhp 120/hr

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