Pico de loro Club

Proudly offering a multitude of activites, from hiking, indoor, outdoor and water sports, and many more, it completes the Pico de loro paradise experience. Featuring two facilties, the Country Club and the Beach club, it promises to satisfy a myriad of recreational interests.

The Country Club 

The Country Club features most of the indoor activities as well as the largest pool in the whole Pico de loro Club, and a pool slide for the kids. Hosting multiple games, like Bowling, Billiards, Basketball, as well as Kids playroom, ensures you can always have an activity you can do.

The Pico de loro Beach Club

The Pico de loro Beach Club spotlights the beautiful beach of the Pico de loro Cove. This club hosts the multiple water sports activities, as well as Island Tours so you can visit and experience other Hamilo Coast’s Coves.


Pico de loro Club

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